Sample Projects

Metal Gear Solid

"From beginning to end, it comes closer to perfection than any other game... Beautiful, engrossing, and innovative, it excels in every category."


Dark Cloud 2

"Dark Cloud 2's translation deserves special mention. The dialogue's phrasing is imaginative. Sony put some real effort into localizing and the work pays off big."


Silent Hill 2

"The voice acting and the scriptwriters deserve credit for this success. The whole level of audio/visual production is high, creating an overall tightness in all areas."


Shadow Hearts: Covenant

"This amazing sense of humor is one of the game's great strengths. Excellent localization and quality voice-overs. Amazingly scripted with more humor than every other RPG put together."

-Playstation Magazine

Valkyrie Profile

"This is one of the best English scripts I've ever read in a role-playing game. Characters speak like they ought to -some rough, some formal, some friendly, some distant - and you relate to them."


Banshee's Last Cry

The descriptions of the murders were by far the novel's best point. They are great in the same way the first "Saw" is great. They are violent and over the top and serve a very specific purpose. Namely to freak you out."

-Iain Gairner, Games in Asia