20 years of game localization dedicated to uncompromising quality, creativity and professionalism.

What is Dragonbaby?


Led by 20-year veteran, Jeremy Blaustein, translator and voice director of  legendary games such as Metal Gear Solid and the Silent Hill series, we provide "boutique" localizations for clients interested only in the highest quality. 



Game translation is content-creation, and our guiding principal is to recreate the same atmosphere for players in the translated work as in the original. This requires passion, inspiration and perspiration. Like an alchemical reaction, localization requires certain conditions to be met. Technology, communication, passion, and good business practices are the earth, air, water, and sunlight that makes the magic happen. 


To localize a game combines two of my greatest passions. Entertainment and cross-cultural communication. To merge my creativity with that of an original game creator, and to translate that vision to an entirely different audience but with the same spirit and energy, is an indescribable feeling. It is a triumph of cultural bridge-building that fills me personal with joy.


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